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Doctor's Wife Accused of Committing Fraud

Married couple Dr.HL and his wife from Texas have been charged with two different accounts of fraud that do not seem to be related. The Texas urologist owned a practice in McAllen and would bill for his time and services even when he was out of the country having an inexperienced individual perform chemotherapy treatments on a prostate cancer patient. This patient among others was put in a dangerous situation.

The doctor and his wife accrued over $1.5 million of private health care fraud over time. In Texas they are being charged with conspiracy and health care fraud. The accusations are that since 2003 they have been submitting false health care benefits. After some studies, this proved to affect around 117 patients a day. In regards to the billing, in some cases the doctor would charge more than the number of hours in a day.

A separate charge in 2012 led the married couple to be charged with money laundering along with defrauding of the United States Treasury. The couple was indicted in the state of Oregon because of $1.8 million that they had donated to an Iranian Child's charity. Their donations were then sent to Iran for investments, thus violating the trade trade embargo with Iran.

White collar crimes are generally committed by the upper-class business people who are highly esteemed in society. These non-violent crimes usually occur over long periods of time and are typically done in times of financial difficulty. With these numerous charges lingering, the Doctor and his wife await their trial in the upcoming year. They would need to craft a strong defense and be aware of their rights and options. A criminal defense lawyer at Ayo & Iken, PLC has extensive training and experience in defending the Polk County area against white collar crime charges. The law has serious penalties for fraud and money laundering which have a lasting effect if it leads to a conviction. Don't let it get that far, contact us today!

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