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A criminal conviction can impact your life forever. Educate yourself on the criminal process today. We've been on both sides of the fight. Now we're on yours. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a law firm with prosecution knowledge. Read why having a knowledgeable criminal attorney on your side, can put everything into perspective.
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About Weapons Charges

Arrested for illegal concealed carry in Polk County?

The Second Amendment of the Constitution secures your right to bear arms, and there was a time when citizens of this country were legally allowed to walk the streets carrying pistols and rifles. Despite the fact that the Amendment still stands, the government has enacted strict laws to regulate the purchase, sale, ownership and use of firearms and other weapons, and violation of weapons statutes can lead to severe criminal penalties. When you face criminal prosecution with the possibility of being sent to jail or prison and being deprived of your right to own a weapon, come to Ayo and Iken, PLC for a free, confidential consultation with our lead attorneys.

Our firm includes a team of former prosecutors and a former public defender, a background which makes us uniquely well prepared to take on the charges you face. We know what types of strategies the State Attorney will likely use against you, as well as where to look for weaknesses in the case which we may be able to use to your advantage. It would be difficult to overstate the negative impact a conviction for a weapons offense could have on your life, and we urge you not to delay in taking defensive action. Fill out our case evaluation form so that an attorney from our firm can begin work on your case today.

Weapons Violations & Gun Crimes

Chapter 790 of the Florida statutes features a variety of weapons offenses and gun crimes , from carrying concealed weapons and open carrying of weapons, to possessing a weapon or firearm on school property and discharging a firearm in public. Depending on the specific circumstances of your offense, you will either face misdemeanor or felony charges, with possible sentencing including jail or prison, fines and probation. An attorney from our firm can seek to have the charges dismissed or to exonerate you, as well as negotiating with the prosecutor for a reduced sentence. We understand what a stressful experience this may be for you, and will work diligently to help you secure a favorable outcome. Contact the lead attorneys at our firm today for a confidential consultation and to learn more about your rights.

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