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A criminal conviction can impact your life forever. Educate yourself on the criminal process today. We've been on both sides of the fight. Now we're on yours. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a law firm with prosecution knowledge. Read why having a knowledgeable criminal attorney on your side, can put everything into perspective.
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Defending Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crime Rates in Polk County

If your child has been arrested for any type of juvenile crime, it is crucial that you seek experienced legal representation to help you prevent a negative outcome that could follow your child for years into the future. There were 4,543 juvenile delinquency complaints filed in Polk County in fiscal year 2009-10, according to the Office of Economic & Demographic Research, and local law enforcement is working to reduce that figure by cracking down on all types of juvenile criminal offenses. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice reports that misdemeanor assault and battery is the most commonly reported offense among youths, with 15,422 cases reported statewide last year, while burglary is the most common felony offense.

Any type of criminal conviction has the potential to ruin your child's future, as the penalties would not be limited to possible detention and probation. Many colleges and universities will deny a scholarship on the grounds of a juvenile conviction, while others will even refuse to accept your child altogether. Having a criminal record can also make it extremely difficult to find suitable employment, with the result that your child's career may be cut short before it even began.

Protecting the Rights of a Minor

At Ayo and Iken, PLC, we understand what a difficult experience this may be for your family, and will stand by you throughout the criminal process, providing the experienced counsel and dedicated representation your child deserves. An attorney from our team of former prosecutors can represent your child on any type of charges, from sex crimes or drug crimes such as possession of marijuana, to a theft crime such as shoplifting, vandalism or a weapons charge. We speak Spanish, and bring over 35 years of combined experience to every case we represent. Let our proven track record of results and our dedication work for you. If your child has been arrested, contact our firm today to discuss the charges and allow us to begin work on the case .

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