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A criminal conviction can impact your life forever. Educate yourself on the criminal process today. We've been on both sides of the fight. Now we're on yours. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a law firm with prosecution knowledge. Read why having a knowledgeable criminal attorney on your side, can put everything into perspective.
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Haines City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Former Prosecutors Fighting to Defend Your Rights

The first action you should take after an arrest for any type of crime is to contact a Haines City criminal defense lawyer with the experience and skill to fight the charges against you. When you face criminal charges, you simply have too much at stake to afford any delay in retaining legal representation-the courts in our area are tough on crime, and your future may be at stake. Come to Ayo and Iken, PLC, a team of former prosecutors and a former public defender, for aggressive legal representation to help you avoid the serious consequences of a conviction,

We believe that "Knowledge is Power," and a criminal defense attorney from our team can meet with you for a free, confidential consultation to discuss the situation and answer all your questions about the case. When you have the necessary information about your legal rights and the various strategies which may apply to your defense, you will be in a much better position to make the right decisions about how to proceed. Whether the goal is to seek an exoneration or dismissal of the charges, or to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduced sentence, we will stand by you throughout the criminal process, advising you of your options and advocating for your best interests. Fill out our case evaluation form, providing information about the situation so that an attorney from our firm can begin work on your defense today.

Our firm represents clients who have been charged with all types of crimes, from misdemeanors such as DUI, domestic violence, or a minor theft crime, to felonies including certain sex crimes, weapons charges and drug crimes, as well as youths who have been arrested for juvenile crimes. Whether this is your first time being arrested, or if have previously been convicted and are being accused of a probation violation, we know what a stressful experience this may be for you and your family. You are at risk of being sent to jail or prison, fined and placed on probation, in addition to the fact that having a criminal record in the future could make it highly difficult for you to find suitable housing or employment.

Arrested for a crime in Haines City?

It is not advisable to discuss the charges with anyone but an attorney from our firm, as you could make self-incriminating statements that could be used against you as evidence. Police officers and investigators are trained to ask questions to lead a suspect into providing evidence or confessing, but you have a Constitutional right against acting as a witness against yourself. Plead the Fifth by refusing to answer any questions, and insist on having your attorney present at all times to advise you. We are ready to begin work on your case at any time, and can meet with you for an evening or weekend appointment.

Contact a Haines City criminal defense attorney from our team today for a free, confidential consultation about the case and to learn more about how we can help.

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