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Restraining Orders in Florida

Our Lakeland Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Protect Clients from Injunction for Protection Orders

Have you been served with a restraining order for domestic violence? Any household member or family may file a restraining order (also known as an injunction for protection) if an individual has injured or made threats to injure them through assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, or any other offense. Household members to not have to be currently living with you, it may be a former member, or even an individual with whom you were in an intimate relationship.

Benefit from the tough defense of the Lakeland criminal defense attorneys at Ayo and Iken, PLC. Our legal team has more than 35 years of collective legal experience, so you can trust that they are well-equipped to handle your case.

About Injunction for Protections

A restraining order in Florida has the ability to limit the access that a person legally has to another. It can order the accused to leave their home, lose custody of children, and restrains them from coming to schools or workplaces of the alleged victims. There are two main types of injunction for protections related to domestic violence:

Domestic Violence (FS 741.28):violence or threat of violence against an individual who resides or has formerly resided in the home with the charged person. These may include spouses, children, former spouses, or any individuals who have resided together as if a family.

Dating Violence (FS 784.046):violence or threat of violence against an individual that has been in a relationship with the charged person. The individual must have been in a dating relationship within the past 6 months with the accused or have been involved with him or her on a continuous basis.

If you have been accused of physical or emotionally abusing a person in your home or an individual with whom you have had an intimate relationship, then please call our firm for help.

Need a Lawyer to Challenge a Restraining Order in Lakeland?

Oppose the restraining order against you with the assistance of a Lakeland domestic violence defense attorney at Ayo and Iken, PLC. Our lawyers can provide representation for individuals who speak either Spanish or English. We care about our clients, which is why we do everything we can to make sure that they have the best chance of freedom. Contact our office to make an appointment for your free initial consultation. You can also fill out a free case evaluation!

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