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Overview: Domestic Violence

Charged with domestic battery in Polk County?

Arguments and physical altercations between spouses and romantic partners can easily spiral out of control, given the emotionally charged nature of the relationship, and police officers in our area are quick to respond to any type of domestic violence allegation. If there is any evidence that a crime has been committed, they will typically arrest the apparent offender, who may or may not be the aggressor. They will also issue a temporary restraining order which prohibits the suspect from coming into contact with the alleged victim and which will likely fo rce the suspect out of the home, regardless of whose name is on the lease.

If you have recently lived through the embarrassing and stressful experience of a domestic violence arrest, it is highly advisable that you retain a lawyer from our firm who can help you seek to have the restraining order dropped and fight to clear your name of the charges. If convicted, you may be sent to jail or prison, forced to pay steep fines and placed on a strict probation which could include anger management classes and community service. Unfortunately, many domestic violence allegations are made by one of the parents in a divorce, in an attempt to gain sole custody of the children, as a family law judge will often deny custody or visitation rights on the grounds of a domestic violence arrest.

Types of Domestic Violence Offenses in Polk County

A criminal defense attorney from Ayo and Iken, PLC can represent you on any domestic violence charge, from stalking or trespassing, to assault, battery, sexual battery, false imprisonment or kidnapping. Fill out our case evaluation form now so that we can begin work on your case immediately. We may be able to exonerate you by demonstrating that you were acting in self-defense, or by using witness statements and other evidence to prove that the allegations are false, while we can also seek to negotiate a reduced sentence in the event that a conviction is unavoidable. The alleged victim's decision not to press charges will have little bearing on the case, as you are being prosecuted by the State Attorney, not by the victim. Give yourself the best possible chance of a favorable outcome by contacting us as early as possible in the criminal process. For aggressive legal representation to help you avoid a conviction, contact Ayo & Iken PLC from our firm.

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