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Repeat Offenses

Polk County Repeat DUI Defense Attorney

With a 2010 population of 603,095, Polk County is one of the larger counties in Florida. It houses many colleges and universities (for example, Southeastern University, Florida Southern College and Polk State College) and as a part of the Tampa Bay Area, and with close ties to the Greater Orlando metropolitan area, it is a bustling community.

With an average temperature of 72.96°F (higher than Florida's average temperature), the citizens of Polk County get to enjoy pleasant weather year-round, and as a result, more parties, more get-togethers, and more alcohol consumption. According to statistics, Florida youth have higher rates of alcohol use than the national average. Furthermore, in 2008, there were 7,945 substance abuse treatment admissions for alcohol only.

According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicular records on DUI Statistics, in 2011 there were 33,625 DUI convictions in Florida. And with such an active, lively and populous community, it is no surprise that DUI charges are an ever present threat in Polk County.

Repeat Offenders Face Harsh Penalties in Florida

Florida does not take DUI charges lightly, especially when they involve a repeat offender. According to statistics, repeat DUI offenders make up about a third of drunk driving arrests every year. Even though their licenses may be revoked, it is estimated that about 50-75% of these offenders will continue to drive, even without a license.

Under Florida law, the penalties for DUI increase with each offense. Florida laws allows for prison terms up to five years for anyone convicted of a third DUI offense within a 10 year period. Drivers charged with a fourth offense lose their driving privileges for a maximum of 11 years, in other words, after a fourth offense, a person's right to drive is permanently revoked in our state.

While the maximum penalty for a first DUI offense is six months, for a second offense it is nine months, for a third offense (within a 10 year period) it is five years and for any offense after the fourth, there is a five year mandatory sentence, no matter how much time has passed since your first offense. If your BAC was especially high, you had a minor child in your car or you caused property damage or injury, you could especially additional heightened consequences.

A DUI conviction in our state results in hefty fines, a driver's license revocation, DUI school, possible probation, mandatory treatment and an ignition interlock, in short, it's inconvenient, expensive and a painful, dragged out process. All of these penalties are magnified when you are a repeat offender, and it is much more difficult to obtain a charge dismissal or reduction when you are facing your second, third or fourth DUI charge. That is why it is imperative that you secure aggressive legal defense immediately!

As a repeat offender, the longer you wait to hire criminal defense, the more likely you will end up behind bars again, slapped with insanely high fines and facing a multitude of embarrassing and harsh penalties.

Let us help you fight your charges and get your driving privileges back!

Recently, the Florida legislature has made provisions to the laws so that repeat DUI offenders may be able to regain driving privileges sooner. If you have received up to four DUI convictions, you may qualify for a "hardship license" which allows you to drive for business or employment reasons. The ten year waiting period has been reduced to a five year post-conviction waiting period. While a hardship license is difficult to come by, consulting with an experienced and qualified DUI attorney at Ayo & Iken, PLC can go a long way towards helping you fight for your driving privileges and recover from a repeat DUI charge.

We can help you fight to have this charge reduced to a reckless driving charge or better yet, we will attempt to uncover evidence that could get your case discharged completely (for example, did police violate your rights? Did a breathalyzer malfunction? Did a health condition prevent you from performing well on the field sobriety tests?).

Whether you have been charged with a repeat DUI offense or convicted of one, we can help you. We will fight to reduce the penalties you face, help you avoid a lengthy license suspension and other harsh penalties such as long-term probation and extended jail sentences. It is always better if you can secure our legal representation sooner as opposed to later, however, so for the best possible outcome to your case, call us immediately at (863) 949-0388!

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